Writing Samples

Fearless Girl Case Study

Communication Ethics and Law - DePaul University Winter 2018

My Communication Ethics and Law class was tasked with writing a case study about an important issue in Public Relations and Advertising. Emma Gresser, Patience Kurtz, and I teamed up to write about the "Fearless Girl" statue in New York City. We discussed the  importance of the statue which represents gender equality in the workplace, as well as the controversy in regards to State Street Global Advisors who commissioned the statue.

Opinion Piece

Communication Ethics and Law - DePaul University Winter 2018

For my Communication Law and Ethics class, each student was assigned to write an opinion piece about an issue related to their case study. This specific article that I wrote talks about gender equality in the workplace and how it can be improved upon in the for future for aspiring Public Relations and Advertising professionals.


Interpublic Group Blog Post

PR and Advertising Management - DePaul University Fall 2018

This course was centered around holding companies and the role they play in the PR and advertising industries. My partner, Aray Rivera, and I were assigned the holding company Interpublic Group. Together we wrote a blog post about the company's history and their importance to the industry.



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