New York Way Experience

DePaul University - December 2017

I had the amazing opportunity to attend the New York Way Advertising trip with DePaul University. I spent four days in New York City touring and learning more about a variety of advertising agencies. Attached is a presentation my teammate, Rabia Riaz, and I made about one of our favorite visits to R/GA.

London Study Abroad

DePaul University - Fall 2015

My junior year at DePaul University I had the opportunity to study abroad in London, England. I attended the University of Westminster and took a variety of liberal arts classes such as Sociology, Modern Ireland, and Photography. Below is a link to my Tumblr page that highlights different Photography assignments that I worked on throughout my three months abroad.

Travel Photography VSCO

I started my photography journal in 2015 on VSCO. I have a passion for traveling and wanted to document my trips through photography. I wanted to show my friends and family how I interpret the world through my photos. My journal consists of a hodgepodge of photos from various trips including Disneyland/Disney World, London, Ireland, France, Belgium, Tennessee, and California, and local photos from Chicago. Enjoy!

Around the World

 At an early age, my family introduced traveling into my life and since then, I have caught the travel bug. Throughout my undergraduate and graduate carer, I have had the opportunity to travel and learn in new and exciting places such as London and New York City. My travels helped place a new perspective on the world and allowed me to expand my comfort zone. Below are a few snippets of my adventures.



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