Advanced Documentary - DePaul University          Spring 2017

Foodstagram is a documentary about my sister, Dominique Drust, and the food blog she created on Instagram at the young age of 10. I was a one-man band as I was the creator, cinematographer, producer, and editor on the project.

A Forever Family Documentary

Documentary Production - DePaul University           Spring 2016

 A Forever Family is a documentary about the Osterhues Family who adopted four children and created their own unique family. My class partnered up with the Let It Be Us organization to help spread awareness about adoption and show an amazing family who made a difference in people's lives. I was the producer on the project and it's a film that I will forever cherish. 

Kawasaki Jet Ski Commercial

Fuse Interactive - Summer 2016

I was an intern at the advertising agency Fuse Interactive during the summer of 2016. I worked on their Kawasaki Jet Ski Commercial where I was the Production Assistant and Wardrobe Director. Did you know that Kawasaki came up with the word Jet Ski?

Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 11.01.15 PM.png

Interpublic Group Placemat

PR and Advertising Management - DePaul University Fall 2017

This course was centered around holding companies and the role they play in the PR and advertising industries. My partner, Aray Rivera, and I were assigned the holding company Interpublic Group. Together we created a placemat about the company's history and their importance to the industry.

I Deserve Better Campaign

PR Foundations - DePaul University                       Fall 2016

My very first graduate course at DePaul was Public Relations Foundations. My team (as shown in the photo attached) created the campaign, I Deserve Better, for DePaul's Office of Health and Wellness. We came up with many different ideas and resources that the department could implement to help students feel safe on campus.

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